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Cross Docking and Staging Solutions

Optimization of Logistic operational processes


Cross Docking and Staging

Logistics companies specializing in Cross Docking and Staging must carry out unloading, sorting and shipping operations in a very short time. Each operation must be optimized to guarantee a very rapid “crossover lead-time”.

Open Mind’s Cross Docking solutions give greater efficiency and allow you to reduce to zero the printing times and costs of the paper supports to be applied to the sorting destinations (Pallet).

In fact, thanks to the Electronic Labels and it’s graphic displays, we can  replace paper supports showing in real time the information about the destinations and, thanks to the led light on the frame of the Electronic Labels, we can guide the operators whitout wasting time and without errors.

Staging or Consolidation

Our solution for optimizing staging and order consolidation allows operators to select exclusively the sub-orders necessary for each grouping of goods, with a significant reduction in the possibility of error.

The order kits (including individual components and/or products) are positioned in the staging area where the preparation of the goods for shipping is managed.

Each kit is equipped with an ESL system (electronic label), which allows you to identify the location of the kit itself, or of the product to be delivered, via a light signal activated by OM-Link.

The electronic label display allows the display of additional information depending on the specific needs of the customer. All the information displayed on the electronic label display is conveyed by OM-Link.

Staging and Traceability

Finally, the adoption of a staging and order consolidation optimization system, offers an additional advantage: in the event of a dispute, OM-Link allows you to trace the operations performed via a log.

The Advantages of Cross Docking and Staging Solutions

Optimizing the processes of Cross Docking and Staging (Consolidation) orders allows companies to achieve significant savings in time, costs and resources, which translates into better productivity.

In fact, these solutions allow you to:

  • abbattere i tempi di preparazione ordini B2B o B2C
  • reduce B2B or B2C order preparation times
  • eliminate picking and sorting errors
  • eliminate training times for seasonal or temporary staff
  • promptly monitor the process phases
  • zero printing costs of paper media

The Technologies used in
Cross Docking and Staging solutions

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